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Breathe Me Open

All Here!

Calling My Wisdom Home

A Talk While Dancing


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Breathe Me Open

songs of blossoming, living, loving, saying good-bye,
and the faith and courage to do it all again and again


To the bees, for helping me blossom,
and to the flowers, for your sweet invitation.
For all of us, buzzing and blossoming in the marvelous garden.

Leslie Stephany joins me once again, lending her incredible ear for harmony to my melodies, her deep passion to my words, and her indomitable spirit to the sound and the enterprise; Philip Delaquess adds his lovely cello accompaniment to two of the songs; and my husband, Anders Hörnblad, makes his debut on the djembe.


Songs on Breathe Me Open

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Breathe Me Open (2002)
How I Live (2001)
Wash Over Me (2000)
Hearts Expanding (2001)
Maybe There's Hope for Faith (2001)
I Will Give Birth Dancing (2001)
Hold Your Children (2001)
Into This Canyon (2002)
The Bee and the Flower (2002)
Rest in Love / Love's Midwife (2002)
You Will Find Your Way (2002)
Supple Spirits (2002)
Many Arms (2002)
Out Beyond Questions (2003)
On and On in Grace (2003)
Your Gifts (2001)