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Calling My Wisdom Home


This CD, which I recorded and released in 1999, contains several of my own songs and a few of my favorite songs by other contemporary singer/songwriters.

(Clicking on the title of any linked song will take you to lyrics and sound bytes).


About the songs on this CD:

In "Finding Myself," I share my journey toward understanding who I am and what I have to offer. I wrote this when I was just beginning to understand myself as a woman (at the late age of 37 or so) and it has strengthened and guided me and served as a reminder since then.

One of the things that's been vital to my personal development and to my ability to focus my energy on my singing and songwriting is learning to make conscious choices about how I use my energy. I've had to learn to say "no" to expectations I can't or don't want to fulfill, in order to be able to do what I want to do. Calling My Wisdom Home is about the expectations I grew up with, and my struggle to bring my energy back to myself.

Ever had a crush on a teacher, minister or therapist? Ever get really mad at someone, only to realize later that you were really "taking your feelings out on" the wrong person? These are transferences. "To My Therapist (because knowing about transference doesn't save me from it)" depicts a number of transferences I have experienced in my work with my therapist. Bringing my sense of humor to bear on experiences that felt painful and embarrassing helped me to transform them. I hope you'll recognize yourself and laugh. Or squirm. (By the way, I had the great pleasure of studying musical theater with Tom Lehrer; I hope his influence is apparent in this song!)

"Hang on to Your Lover" is about the ways in which we numb ourselves to the unacceptable rather than making difficult choices.

"Lost Your Mind Somewhere Along the Way" is the story of my reaction to and misunderstanding of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in a dear friend.

"The Right Hand of God" is a critical look at child abuse and people who violate the boundaries of the children entrusted to their care.


I am deeply grateful to the many wonderful songwriters whose work inspires and informs mine. I have included some of my favorites on this CD.

Alaskan Libby Roderick is my favorite singer/songwriter. I love her work, and had a difficult time narrowing the choices down. In the end, I chose to include "Low to the Ground," which is a celebratory reminder that music, dancing, children, animals and other simple things are what make and keep us whole. "Because You Do" struck a deep chord within me, as I learned it just as I was recognizing the depth of my husband's commitment to me (after 15 years together). I included it on this CD as a tribute to him.

"From the Lambing to the Wool" is an exquisite ballad of an old woman looking back on her life as a farm wife, by Australian singer/songwriter Judy Small.

I love "Rock in the River" by Neal Hagberg for its depiction of a strong woman. Sometimes I relate to her; other times I need this song to inspire me! Neal is half of the Minneapolis-based duo Neal and Leandra, whose songwriting, singing, harmonies, and performances are outstanding!

"The Dutchman" by Michael Peter Smith is a well-known ballad about an old man with dementia, and his relationship with his loving wife, Margaret. Beautiful!

"No Man's Land" by Eric Bogle is a folk standard, a moving and powerful song about the ravages of war.

"Music in My Mother's House" is a joyful song of thanksgiving by singer, songwriter and storyteller Stuart Stotts. One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me is music. Our home and our lives were filled with it, and my parents encouraged and supported me in my creative pursuits. They are a large part of the reason I'm a singer and songwriter today.